Can.Science is a labour of love,
created to ease a patient’s journey
during radiation and chemotherapy.

Our range is safe for daily use and free from
Embrace Your wellness with CanScience
What makes Can.Science different?

Formulated by physicians, oncologists, dermatologists and nutritionists, our skincare and supplement range is specially designed for cancer patients and those with sensitive immune systems and skin.

Scientifically innovated by medical experts, our products are fragrance-free, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, alcohol-free and metal-free. Our exclusive Rescue Skin Complex is a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and skin-soothing ingredients that renew, repair and heal damaged skin.

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I have used the Can Science products throughout and after my radiation treatment. I cannot recommend these products enough. With radiation, my skin gets extremely dry and rough, and this ointment keeps my skin soft and soothed for a full 24 hours. It's soothing and nourishing and it would have been very unpleasant to go through radiation without it. I will continue to use this product, long after my skin has recovered from radiation.

CanScience Customer

I've saved the best for last as I honestly think this is the best soap I have ever used. I was concerned using a new soap as I have very dry skin but this honestly left me feeling like I didn't even need a moisturiser afterwards. I will most certainly continue using this product.

The highlight of these products for me was the natural ingredients and although there is no scent added they have a lovely fresh and clean feel to them. My only regret is not coming across them earlier when I was having chemotherapy as I had a horrific skin reaction and these would have been so very welcome. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to try these amazing products.

CanScience Customer

My doctor and his staff were absolutely first class. I felt the knowledge and confidence during my treatment.

I am also grateful to the dermatologist who referred me - brilliant you all are.

Kenn Smart - Can.Science customer.